His Excellency João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço is the President of the Republic of Angola since September 26, 2017 in the framework of the General Elections of August 23 2017, succeeding H.E. José Eduardo dos Santos. H. E. President João Lourenço was born in Benguela province on March 5, 1954 and graduated in 1982 in historical Sciences from Lenin Higher Academy in former Soviet Union.

João Lourenço stood as the presidential candidate of the MPLA in the 23rd August 2017 General Election won by the ruling party (MPLA) by taking 61.07 percent of the vote. Member of the Political Bureau of the MPLA, João Lourenço was appointed minister of National Defense in 2015, and elected to the post of vice-president of the party following its 7th Ordinary Congress, held in Luanda from 17 to 20 August, 2016.


Equipped with the rank of general, H.E. João Lourenço began his military career fighting against the Portuguese colonial power in Angola for Independence and fought as a member of the MPLA military wing (FAPLA) In the Angolan Civil War. Lourenço conducted his training in artillery and then he turned to politics, becoming head of the MPLA MP’s in Parliament and then deputy chairperson of the national assembly. The country held General Election on August 23rd 2017, won by MPLA, for 61.07 percent, thus electing H.E. João Lourenço also as President of the Republic of Angola for a 5-year term.